Mistakes in Bed....

I made a mistake the other night. Well, I call it a mistake but every time I do it, it’s extremely intentional.  After a night on the town with good friends, after imbibing in a few vodka-sodas and not properly fueling up on good food prior to the occasion - I ate Taco Bell in bed at midnight.

WHY DO I DO THAT TO MYSELF?? We’ve all been there, and let me just say it was OH so delicious and definitely filled an empty void in my stomach, but this morning I am not feelin’ myself.  I can tell a huge difference between the “me” earlier in the week, and the “me” after a night of cocktails and Taco Bell mistakes in bed. I’m bloated and actually woke up starving because there were literally no nutrients in my late-night meal, but who wants to think about eating breakfast when you’re this uncomfortable?

SO, reality hits - how do you get back to feeling normal, happy and free as QUICKLY as possible? The biggest thing is to chug some H2O. We’ve gotta flush all that nastiness from our system. I keep a full HydroFlask by my bed and as soon as my eyes open in the morning, I drink water until I feel like I’m drowning. That jumpstarts our organs and gets our bodies ready to move.

Then we can do some morning stretches to get those air bubbles out of our bellies, chow down on some fruit which will give us a quick burst of energy, followed by more H2O, and then get our bodies moving.  You may feel sluggish since your body is mad at you for filling it with crap, but you’ve gotta apologize to it by getting your blood flowing. Even if we only run around the block, let’s give it our ALL, and we’ll feel a million times better.  Our bodies will thank us by releasing endorphins and adrenaline, which translates to more energy, which means we could probably keep exercising or at least do more activities later in the day.  

I like to overcompensate with healthy food & activities when I am rude to my body, and then I’m reminded of how much happier and free I feel when I treat myself well!  I’ll be the first to tell you there’s no way I can keep myself from eating Taco Bell in bed at midnight again (it’s just so darn fun). We have to indulge sometimes, but as long as we keep it from becoming a habit and work hard to reset our bodies and mind, we’ll be just peachy.

xo, Schans