How I aged 10 years in TWO DAYS

How I aged a decade in two days! But then totally restored myself…


I went out this summer with a bang! Turned 31 on the last weekend of August and then my best friend since childhood got married over labor day weekend. It was some of the best times of my life, filled with laughter, dancing, eating, drinking and late hours with my favorite people. I wouldn’t change a damn thing, however I did have a revelation about my health and well-being. Waking up after Nat’s wedding, I felt like I had been hit by a bus! In just two days of boozing with little sleep, I felt and appeared that I had aged 10 years! I peeled open my puffy eyes to find swollen fingers and toes, a raspy voice, sore muscles and bloated belly.  The fine lines in my face, which I just started to notice going into my thirties, were deeper and more visible. Yikes! I needed water, ASAP, and lots of it. My twenty-two-year-old boyfriend was in even rougher shape than me! He woke up with a chest cold, hacking up crap for the next week.

Then I thought “wow, we really do have control over our health and vitality.” Toxicity compounded over time results in aging and sickness; but good nutrition and exercise over time results in youth and good health.  If I can noticeably see the negative effects of drinking in just TWO days, imagine what that looks like over a lifetime?!

Fortunately, I did not panic too bad because I already implement a healthy lifestyle and knew that I could get “back to normal” by supporting my system. However, it did make me feel even more passionate about sharing health and the importance of moderation and balance! Together we can take control of our future to minimize suffering and disease.


Here is how I restored myself after my Labor Day party-filled weekend:

  1. WATER:  I drank a ridiculous amount of water. When I got sick of drinking water, I filled my water with blueberries and squeezed lemon and drank some more. When that got old, I put essential oils in my water and drank some more. When I couldn’t handle water any longer, I made a hydrating, detox drink by blending: watermelon, cilantro, lime, cayenne, raw honey and more agua.

  2. COCONUT OIL: I pulled out my jar of raw, unrefined coconut oil and covered myself, head to toe, including my hair. I let myself soak in all the healing moisture of the oil for about 5 minutes then got in the shower. I used a sea sponge to scrub off all dead skin, etc and then showered as normal. The suppleness of my skin already showed much improvement!

  3. MOVEMENT: I stretched and moved it!  During our last vacation day on Newport, I was committed to start taking steps toward restoration before returning home.  I did yoga on the beach, soaking up Vitamin D while sweating out toxins. I didn’t care that I flashed beach-goers during Downward Dog, I was in my own meditation tuning out the world around me, tapping into the sound of the waves. Getting blood flow to my swollen extremities and fresh oxygen to my brain left me feeling 75 percent better. Here’s a quick video that captured the moment, my go to flow is a sun salutation.

4. LAUGHTER: Is it just me, or does anyone else feel sad, guilty or anxious waking up after a night of excess? Even though I did nothing wrong, and had the best of times, I still felt slightly depressed the next day. This always happens to me after a night of partying. But it makes sense, alcohol is a depressant afterall!  Although replenishing our body with water and nutrients is part of the process, we must also restore our spirit and mind.  Do something that makes you laugh and fills your soul. My mom and I walked along the beach, and laughed our way through the shops in Newport. It was chilly out from the winds of Hermine, so I bought an extra large (because it was on clearance) matching “Newport Beach” sweatshirt and sweatpants, changing out of my dress into my new getup. I looked like an uber tourist dork but we laughed as I walked past the well dressed yuppies. It was a total Seinfeld moment.

With some laughter, nourishment, water and a good night’s rest, I felt anew, ready to take on the work week.  I am writing this so we can all reflect on our habits asking ourselves “does this aid or take away from my health?” I am not saying we can’t let loose once in awhile, but we can practice moderation. Afterall, it would get old if we partied every day, and so would we!