"Stock Your Healthy Kitchen" Part 4: Chia Seeds!

Did you miss us?? There was a lot going on last weekend with Easter and us feeling "under the weather," so we took it easy on the Internet front, but today we're back for week 4 in our Stock Your Healthy Kitchen Series!  We hope ya'll are enjoying this series. Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting, confusing and expensive, so we created this series as a way to EASILY incorporate healthier kitchen staples into your daily life. It's not expensive when you buy these things in bulk and have several ways to use them at your fingertips (ahem...like right here in our blogs). When these things are already in our kitchen, we're much more prepared to make healthier meals and snacks. Now - on to today's featured Healthy Kitchen staple: CH-CH-CH-CHIA!

You may have heard of chia thanks to those clay animals from the 90’s, but chia seeds do a lot more than make chia pets. Chia seeds trace back as a dietary staple for indigenous people from Central America. They prized chia for its ability to provide sustainable energy… in fact, “chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength!”  Stories have been told about tribes of super runners who would run 100 miles chasing and hunting down game. Powerful little seed!

We enjoy chia seeds for its versatile uses in smoothies, puddings, granola, breads, jams and pizza crusts. Chia seeds contain Omega 3s, fiber, protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B3, and potassium.  

Top reasons for eating chia:

  • Energy!!

  • Bone & teeth health

  • Weight loss (chia seeds help keep you full longer and breaks down belly fat)

  • Clean source of protein boost

  • Heart health



It’s best to eat chia during breakfast to give you long lasting energy throughout the day. Our favorite ways to eat it in the morning are layered chia pudding parfait, blended in smoothies, sprinkled over oats and mixed in coconut yogurt.  To make chia pudding, add ½ cup of chia seeds to two cups of your favorite milk. Flavor to taste (we like adding cinnamon, vanilla extract and raw honey).

It takes a couple of hours sitting in your fridge to form into a pudding, but the result is delicious and totally worth the wait. We like to make it at night in a glass jar so it’s a grab n’ go breakfast for the morning.



Got the midday sleepies? Opt for chia over that second cup of coffee. Chia will give you that boost of energy that you’re yearning for without the post caffeine crash. It will also make you feel full and satiated. We like to shake up a tbsp of ground chia into our favorite juice; right now i’m on a lilikoi juice kick. This drink is tastier and much more satisfying than coffee. You want to use ground chia to ensure that you are absorbing all of the healing potential.



Have to bring a cake to your vegan friend’s birthday party? No sweat! One tablespoon of ground chia whisked up with three tablespoons of warm water equals one egg. This can be used as an egg substitute in in most recipes. We use it most often to bind our veggie patties together.  CLICK HERE for a link to our own lentil burgers. 



Chia seeds can really help you slim down to your desired summer beach babe bod. Add chia seeds to coconut water and you’ll flush out those toxins and tummy fat. The fiber helps pull blockages out of the colon. Chia seeds also expands in the stomach, leaving you feeling full and happy.


Do you have a favorite way to use chia seeds? Let us know in the comments!