Prevent stinky pits using essential oils! (Natural alternative that actually WORKS)

Ahhh summertime! The birds are chirping, the grass is green, your armpits stink... wait, what? 

Unfortunately they do. And unfortunately Americans spend a TON of money on things that make them smell better - deodorants, perfumes, lotions. All these fancy-pants products are actually full of chemicals that enter your bloodstream through your skin! Yuck! 

If you don't know by now, the Kale Whale is all about reducing our toxic load. That means eating organic foods, avoiding animal products, using natural skincare and cleaning products (we make our own!), and the list goes on. Toxins can build up in our system and have inflammatory effects that manifest in a myriad of unpleasant conditions on your skin, in your digestive tract, in your brain, etc. 

So what about deodorant? Dr. Mercola put together a great article about what's going on with store-bought deodorant (thanks, corporations, you literally don't care about us!) and why we should opt for a natural approach. You can read that article HERE.

Cue all the natural ways to create non-toxic deodorant... None of them worked well for me. It got so frustrating that I CONSCIOUSLY CHOSE TO REVERT BACK TO CHEMICAL-LADEN DEODORANT to spare the nostrils of my friends and co-workers. Recently I was doing some research on essential oils for a different reason, and found TWO that really, really work for me to prevent stinky pits. I talk about them in the video below, so take a peak! 

Do you have any natural ways to combat underarm odor? Share them in the comments.

Get more info and order these oils HERE.

I finally found a natural fix for stinky pits! Two essential oils have worked for me better than any other natural deodorant - homemade or otherwise. I've tried almost everything under the sun, and in Charleston, SC, in July, you can't just be experimenting with natural deodorants that don't work.