holistic health program

with Erin Whalen

Erin takes an integrative approach to help you feel and look your best. Erin emphasizes the importance of an alkaline diet, so you will organically make better food choices.  Every body is unique and needs to be supported accordingly, so Erin will customize a diet and exercise plan tailored to your specific needs, alongside the expertise of Dr. Travis Thurston of Island Natural Medicine. Her program includes a full education on understanding and implementing a balanced diet, personalized meal plans and shopping lists, body strengthening exercises and meditation practices. With adequate nutrition, movement and mindfulness, Erin truly believes she can help you live to your optimum potential.


First 30 minute consultation FREE

Weekly Consultations: $150 - includes:

  1. An hour facetime or in-person consult

  2. Weekly meal & exercise plan

  3. Daily healthy habit checklist

  4. Stress reduction exercises

  5. Text support

Low Pressure Fitness Program

with Angie Mueller, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health Specialist

Dr. Angie will help you reconnect with your core and trim inches off your waist by guiding you through an intensive postural and breath retraining program, known as Low Pressure Fitness. This system is a revolutionary and global approach to core health that reduces the pressure in the abdomen, decompresses the spine and triggers an automatic response from the deep core muscles. It can also be a powerful meditative technique that facilities intense connection with your Higher Self. Low Pressure Fitness training results in a reduction of pain, improvement in sexual function, increased cardiovascular capacity, improved efficiency of digestion and elimination, lifting of pelvic organs, and increased core muscle strength. In addition to restoring optimal posture and breath in your body, Dr. Angie will also include indigenous healing practices of the Maya with evidence-based western medicine to ensure optimal long term pelvic and core health.


First 30 minute consultation is FREE

90 min Facetime Evaluation: $200

60 min Facetime Follow ups: $150

All appts will include:

  1. Personalized pelvic and core health education

  2. Plans to resolve any dysfunction

  3. Home Exercise Program

Malama Mama "Take Care Mama"

Weight Loss & Core Recovery Program

Malama Mama ("Take Care Mama") is a 5 week course designed to help new mamas drop the baby weight and re-gain optimal post-partum core strength and function. Angie and Erin team up to offer you a comprehensive plan of attack to help you reacquaint with your true essence. Angie will guide you through powerful exercises for pelvic and uterine health, which will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, close your abdominal muscles and flatten your tummy, lift your pelvic organs, decompress your spine, and detoxify your organs. Erin will tailor a meal and movement plan that will help you drop the baby weight and leave you feeling energized and stronger than ever.  During this 5 week course, Angie and Erin work with you as guides to create a personalized program that will address your unique needs and that prioritizes your intuition in the process. You will slim down organically, gaining a powerful connection with your core, fueling it with the right exercises and food to give your body optimum post-partum support. This course takes a holistic approach, offering customized diet plans and core recovery programs to help you feel and look your best. Upon completion, you will be empowered you to take your health into your own hands, never having to do crunches or fad diets again.

Investment: $1200 - includes:

  1. 10 in person or FaceTime consultations (5 with Angie, and 5 with Erin)

  2. Personalized core recovery exercise plans  

  3. Customized meal and movement plans

  4. Text support